Our Vision

To be: " A community where people are welcomed to know, equipped to live and sent to proclaim the love of Jesus Christ."


Our values are (in the spirit of Acts chapter 2):

To be: Scriptural, Worshipful, International, Missional, Relational – with me involved (that’s you!) In other words we are a SWIMmeR church! 


Our mission focuses on 5 key areas which we are passionate about.

In Proclaim the Good News - Speaking about Christ

For Children and Youth - Growing God-connected young people

Here in Belgium - Living in the present (God has called us to be here at this time)

For the Wider World - Engaging in & praying for world mission

Growing Community - Being welcoming

Our leadership

  • simon tyndall - senior chaplain

    Simon Tyndall has been Chaplain at St Pauls since July 2013. Before that he worked in churches in Yeovil, Brighouse & Chippenham (all in the UK). Both he and his wife Ann have been very involved in the work of CMS (Church Mission Society) and this has brought them into situations of cross-cultural mission in various countries including Sudan, Peru, Uganda, Israel/Palestine & Thailand. He enjoys living in Flanders and learning Dutch. He likes spending time with their adult children and their families; opera & poetry; walking, cycling and birdwatching. 

    Contact Simon: simon@stpaulstervuren.org

  • Nathan Gregoryassistant chaplain

    Nathan has been the Assistant Chaplain at St Paul's since July 2015 when he and his wife Jen moved to Belgium with their three young children. Nathan was ordained in 2011 but has been involved with various forms of Christian ministry and leadership since coming to faith in his early teens. When not working or crawling around the floor with his kids Nathan enjoys sport, (even if his choice in teams to support is questionable!), cooking (and eating) and getting out and seeing the world.

    Contact Nathan: nathan@stpaulstervuren.org

  • church council

    The members of Church Council are: Simon Tyndall, Jon Copner, Gavin Macpherson, Sarah-Jane King, Hilary Tobitt, Ann Tyndall (Lay Minister),  Ann Start (Church Warden), Jean-Francois Soudoire (Church Warden), Alex Lloyd Davies, Bess Brooks, Miriam Isaacs, Kees Bos, David Pelchen, Elaine Dunn, Craig Egner, Alex von Franquemont, Patrick Lambert (Lay Minister)  and Nathan Gregory.

our people

  • Kees Bos


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    Licensed Lay minister

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  • Patrick Lambert

    Licensed lay minister

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  • Ann Start

    church WARDEN

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  • Jean-François Sourdoire

    Church Warden

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  • Sharon Ejinkonye


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  • miriAM ISAACS


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  • Gavin Macpherson

    Acting safeguarding officer

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  • ann jolley


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  • nathan Gregory

    youth ministry

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