Christmas at St Paul's Tervuren 2018

"I’m here to announce a great and joyful event that is meant for everybody, worldwide: A Saviour has just been born in David’s town, a Saviour who is Messiah and Master. This is what you’re to look for: a baby wrapped in a blanket and lying in a manger." - Luke 2

Christmas is a time to celebrate and a time to pause and reflect on the Good News of God with us. 

This year we have a variety of services and events to enable us to do that. Please find below an outline of what is going on, you will find more details about specific events beneath that along with a map showing the different locations we are meeting at.

Services and events

  • MEssy Church Gingerbread event

    saturday 8th december - 10am & 2pm (2pm is now fully booked)

    Our popular Gingerbread Event is back but this time we have two sessions!

    Come along for a chaotic yet fun time as you are guided through how to build your own gingerbread house and then cover it with sweets! In the past these have filled up fast so make sure you book in quickly when it opens.

  • Carol Service

    Sunday 9th December - 7:30PM - st jan's church, tervuren

    Join us for a traditional service. A wonderful evening of Christmas carols and readings in the beautiful setting of St. Jan's Church in the centre of Tervuren.

    If you would like to be part of the choir to sing at this service or other events then please see details below.

  • Sociale Kerstmarkt

    Saturday 15th December - Evening - Tervuren Square

    Come and be part of the community Christmas celebrations. St Paul's will have a stand, our choir will be singing. So come down, get yourself a festive drink and snack and enjoy the atmosphere.

  • Kerstlicht (Christingle)

    Saturday 22nd December - 4:00PM - Church Centre

    A family service that focuses on and celebrates Jesus the light of the world. We will sing Christmas songs and explore the meaning of each part of the Kerstlicht as we build it together. This service will mostly be conducted in Dutch.

  • Christmas communion

    sunday 23th december - 9:30am - church centre

    Join us for a service of Holy Communion with carols as we bread bread together and celebrate God with us.

  • Crib service

    Monday 24th december - 4:00PM - St Jan's church, Tervuren

    A special family service reminding us of the story of Christmas. Come dressed as a character from the nativity story and watch as we build that famous story before our eyes while singing Christmas songs and hearing Christmas readings. (We will have some costumes for those who want to dress up but don't have their own)

  • Christmas celebration

    Tuesday 25th december - 10:30am - The colonial palace

    Celebrate the Good News of God with us on Christmas morning. A service for all ages at The Colonial Palace.

Service and Events location

Christmas Charities

Through December and inspired by the Christmas story we are collecting money in order to provide a safe environment for women to give birth and to provide support and safety for people fleeing danger and violence. If you would like to donate to these causes then you can do so at any of our services and events in December or transferring it digitally into our bank account with the reference 'Christmas Charities' 

  • A safe ENVIRONMENT to give birth - african enterprise

    African Enterprise seeks to improve its medical care for pregnant women at their clinic in Soweto-Kayole, Nairobi. There has been an established clinic for day care for more than 20 years but it has become more and more evident that we need to care for women at the point of delivery which ties in so well with the Christmas story of Mary needing a place to give birth. For her she found a place, albeit not the safest of places, she was able to give birth to Jesus. Please help us to do better this Christmas for the women of Soweto-Kayole and give them a safer place to deliver.

  • Support and safety for people fleeing violence - OASIS

    Oasis helps some of the most vulnerable people in Belgium to find safety from violence and human trafficking. Often these people are women and children who have come into the country as migrants, hoping for a better, safer life, only to find that the promises of men to love and care for them have been lies that instead lead to them being attacked, injured and put to work in brothels. Children are also deeply effected by the exploitation of their mothers, suffering post traumatic stress and disruption to their education.

    Oasis Belgium runs a helpline for women experiencing violence and visits the “massage parlours” where the women are being exploited. We offer information on their rights, help them talk to the police and social services and we offer community and pastoral support for the long term. We also work with a local school in St Josse, helping the children eat well and also helping them overcome their trauma.

    At Christmas we remember that God became a human being, living amongst us, vulnerable and easily hurt. We also remember that his parents had to flee from violence into another country, escaping death by travelling into the unknown. Thanks for supporting Oasis at this time, as we work with women and children who are also in fear of violence and are forced on a journey into the unknown.