St Paul's Mission INterest Group (MIG)

Vulnerable women and children, victims of trafficking, refugees and those who don’t know the hope we have in Jesus, are among those at the heart of St.Paul’s mission. MIG helps you to:


           • Support mission agencies or individuals

           • Share resources with them and grow their faith as what we learn is                            shared with one another

           • Give service to one another and the wider world.

A commitment to the five marks of Mission, and strong congregation links, is fundamental to how we select organisations receiving a 10% share of church income.

          1. Proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom

                         African EnterpriseIchtus; ETF

          2. Teach baptise and nurture new believers: gap year students

          3. Respond to human need by loving service: 

     Giraffe project; Hope for Justice; Hands of Friendship Zimbabwe; Hope International (prayer only); Protestant Social Centre

          4. To seek to transform unjust structures of society, to challenge                      violence of every kind and to pursue peace and reconciliation:                     

                           International Justice Mission; Oasis

          5. To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and                    renew the life of the earth: 

Please pray for the organisations; engage in volunteer activity and consider financial support.

MIG team:

Adam Isaacs (Chair)

Christine Adedokun, Magda Bos, Patrick Lambert, Nick Lavender and Lynn Nwagbara.  

who we support

St Paul’s Mission Interest Group supports the engagement of the congregation with the following range of ministry activities, here in Belgium and in the wider world. While many churches choose to support only two or three missions, one of the features of our congregation is its high level of direct involvement in the organisations we support. Congregation members engage in Service by volunteering, by Sharing information about the work and advocating for issues they are passionate about and Supporting the work financially and in prayer

In addition, MIG distributes financial contributions to the support of GAP year students engaging in Christian ministry work, supplying Bibles to missions which request them and responds to the Bishop’s Advent and Lent appeals. The team is ready to fund Christian initiatives during humanitarian emergency crises.

  • African Enterprise exists to see the continent of Africa saved by the love of Jesus, and to see Africa’s people discipled by the church and transformed for good works. They do this through a wide range of community development, leadership training and evangelistic outreach activities. Lynn Nwagbara, Executive Director Europe, is a congregation member and Miriam Isaacs is our link to the work. 

  • Banunule school provides an opportunity for education amongst the very poorest children in the capital city of Uganda, Kampala. From the early days when the headmistress of the school came from among the St Paul’s congregation, an enthusiastic Banunule School support group has raised funds to support the school. Currently in transition to full local ownership, Jose Spearing and Helge Eiler lead the volunteer fundraisers in ST Paul’s.

  • ETF has as its goal to deepen, strengthen and equip the international evangelical movement at an academic level. ETF prepares women and men for roles in churches, religious education, Christian organizations and the mission field. Through scientific research, publications and life-long learning, ETF contributes to the theological reflection of the evangelical movement in Belgium, the Netherlands and worldwide. There are strong links between students and faculty and St Paul’s congregation. Our donation supports the ETF to train pastors, particularly for Eastern Europe. Prof. Dr. Patrick Nullens, ETF rector, is our link to the work.

  • Giraffe project was founded by previous St Paul’s congregation members. Giraffe is an education charity working in the slums of Nairobi, building schools with a sponsorship programme supporting children through primary, secondary and college education. Follow on help to find for employment is offered. Ian Dalton leads the volunteer team at St Paul’s. 

  • Hands of Friendship team support women in Zimbabwe to help families in their community. Pray for that country as it goes through political change. Zimbabwean member of our congregation Elitah Bere, herself leads the fundraising. 

  • Hope for Justice exists to bring an end to modern slavery by preventing exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives, and reforming society. Previously St Paul's supported Retrak which has now become part of the Hope for Just family. St Paul’s was the sending church for Retrak’s founder over 20 years ago. Assistant chaplain Nathan Gregory and his wife Jen project managed one of the transition centres in Uganda. Jen Gregory is now the congregation link person. 

  • Hope International Hope believes in helping families flourish through discipleship, biblically based training, savings services, and small loans which equip men and women to unlock their potential. Congregation members are most familiar with the micro finance schemes in Burundi, Malawi, Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Roger Morgan, Africa Regional Director, is our link to the work.

  • Ichtus, gives support to local and international students at Universities in Flanders. Working in small groups across Flanders and Brussels they organise an open weekend at the start of the academic year and opportunities to ask the difficult questions in life and read God’s word together. Hannah Gevaert, board chair, is our link to the work.

  • Oasis Belgium is part of a worldwide family of organisations working to help the most marginalised find community, choice, and hope. Oasis offers support to families from overseas living in poverty, so that their children can stay in school, have nutritious food, find reasonable accommodation and help with papers; women who have immigrated from numerous countries and experience gender based violence, exploitation, and discrimination, particularly in Belgian house brothels and through the Buurtbar coffee bar; they bring community to elderly people both in elderly care homes and in their own houses. Phil Lane, the Country Director is an active member of the congregation. A number of Trustees also attend St Paul’s.

  • The Protestant Social Centre gives support to the most vulnerable people in the form of legal aid, psycho-social support, providing access to local services or the provision of basic household goods. St Paul’s carries out an annual winter clothing drive annually. Patrick Lambert is our link to the work.