Current bible study notes

Over the next few weeks we will be exploring Paul's letter to the Ephesians. Each week we will add some new notes and questions, which can be done as part of your small group, or on your own. Click on the link below to go to the page with all the different week by week notes.

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SMall group resource library

Please find below a selection of resources that we feel it is worth Small Groups exploring

  • The bible Course

    This eight session video and discussion based course will give you an overview of how the big story of the Bible fits together.

    Download the leaders guide

    Access course videos

    There is a participants booklet, which is helpful but not essential. The office may have a few spare or you can order them from the Bible Society

  • The Prayer Course

    An eight session video based journey that will help you and your Small Group to grow and deepen your prayer life.

    All details and access to the sessions can be found on the Prayer Course website.

  • Jesus Parables

    Twelve studies on the parables of Jesus. These studies don't need to be completed in twelve consecutive weeks but can be dipped in and out of.  

    Jesus' Parables Sessions 1-5

    Jesus' Parables Sessions 6-12

  • Whole Life Worship

    This five-session series of small group Bible studies explores the connections between worship and everyday life. Each session explores a Bible passage and its implications for worship in our Monday to Sunday lives.

    Whole Life Worship Small Group Notes

Past Resources

Here are a collection of resources that we we have used in the past

  • Micah

    Please click on the image to download the small group discussion guide for Micah

  • Why Church?

    Study questions to accompany our sermon series. Click on the image to download.

  • God's playlist - praying the psalms

    The study guide to accompany out sermon series through June can be downloaded by clicking on the image

  • Titus

    Jesus' resurrection changes and transforms everything. How do we live in response to this, what does leadership look like, our homes and relationships, how do I do good in the world around me. Click on the image to download the study guide questions.

    The week following Ascension is our week of prayer with Thy Kingdom Come. Please use this week to pray together in your home group. A guide to help structure your time can be found following this link

  • Dependency Upon the Holy Spirit

    Click on the image to download the discussion guide to accompany the sermon series.

  • Frontline Sunday

    Click on the image to download the LICC study guide to accompany the sermon series. Use this link to find the videos used on Sunday and referred to in the study

  • Jesus Is better - hebrews

    Please click on the image to download the small group discussion guide for this series

  • God's invitation

    Click on the image to download September 2019 study notes

  • Jonah the prophet

    4 studies considering this small book of the Bible - with a big message

    Please click on the image for the studies


    A series of 5 studies for small groups looking at what we know about Jesus ' early life before his public ministry.  Please click on the image for the study notes.

  • Holiness & Hope in Hostile World - 1 Thessalonians

    Download our Summer term 2018 series study guide by clicking on the image.

Bible in 90 days

Annually we read through the Bible in 90 Days together starting in January however you could start the plan anytime.

Click to download the 90 Day Reading Plan.

If you would prefer to read the gospels in 90 days click here to download the reading plan.

St Paul's 90 Days Blog! where you will find more resources and a prayer for the day as well as some inspiration and insights from those who have gone before you!