Thy kingdom Come

PRayer and care

21st May- 31st May 2020

From 21st to 31st May 2020 we are invited to join in a global wave of prayer. To pray a very simple prayer: Thy Kingdom Come. That the kingdom of God would come on earth. That more people would come to know the loving kindness of our Saviour Jesus Christ. And, specifically, to pray that for 5 specific people you know. Who is Jesus inviting you to pray for to come to know him?

  You can find links to key Thy Kingdom Come resources to help you pray below. 

You can also download free Thy Kingdom Come apps from the app store on your mobile device

(look out for the Thy Kingdom Come logo).

  • Pledge to pray

    Will you commit to praying for five friends for ten days?  Click the image to sign up to your star the map and light up the world. 

  • Digital Resources

    The innovative Family Prayer Adventure Map. Once printed, download the free app* to access games, reflections and augmented reality! 

    You can download the map and app, see it in action and find instructions, listen to prayer podcasts and more by clicking on the image.

  • Prayer Journals

    Download and print this years prayer jornal by clicking on the image.


    Download 'Jesus Loves All' prayer journal for teens