chaplain's log

  • Dominic Writes... 14th July 2020

    On Sunday we will be meeting together at Sint Katharina church in Duisburg again. This is where we will be throughout the summer. It was really good to be able to meet together last week, so a big thank you to those who navigated their way through ChurchSuite successfully. Thank you too for those who tried but without success. We do need to do this for every Sunday to ensure that we can seat people safely, so please continue using My ChurchSuite or by using the link on our 'Services & Meetings' Page

    We will be starting a Sunday school for children aged 5 to 11 during the service. The children will be dropped off at Pachthof Stroykens, Merenstraat, Duisburg (150m down the road) before the service and they will be walked back up to the church for the end of the service.

    If you have children aged 4 and under they may attend the session if accompanied by one of their parents. There is a separate registration for the Sunday School and it appears as a separate event in MyChurchSuite. The children's registration is only visible to people who are parents, so if you are a parent and can't see it please do let us know

    When you sign up the children you will notice that there are three types of ticket - one for children aged 5 to 11, another type of ticket for accompanied younger children, and another type of ticket for the adult accompanying those children. Please make sure that everyone attending has a ticket. If you are not on Churchsuite and would like to register a child then you can do this via this page

    We are all having to learn Church Suite very fast. It is very important as it allows us to ensure that we can meet safely, that we have a record of who attended a service if we need to do contact tracing, and allows us to register and keep our children safe in their groups.

    We do understand that not being able to learn how to use it with someone showing us how is very difficult for some. Please don't hesitate or feel embarrassed to call or ask for help. We are very willing to take the time to show it to you if that would help you. So do call Helen, Nathan or Dominic, and we'd be delighted to help you with it.

  • Online Worship

    So we are unable to gather together in any form (see explanation in the post below.) During this time we will continue to be the church using as many different forms of communication as we can. First of all please look at our Online Worship page and to keep up to date and connect in other ways follow us on social media.

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE 13/03/2020

    No doubt you are all aware that a lot has changed since the last e-mail. The Central Committee of the Anglican Church in Belgium, which is our link with the government here have laid down some very clear instructions for all Anglican churches in Belgium which is.

    "All Anglican and Episcopal parishes in Belgium must suspend public worship and all parish activities (home groups, Lent groups, church councils, Alpha…) entirely from 14th March until 3rd April, without exception, regardless of numbers. All churches must be kept closed for this period. ."

    Therefore we will not be having any public gatherings until Sunday 5th April at the earliest, this includes home groups, Messy Church, the Lent teaching, the finance meeting, everything! (Church Council will receive a separate e-mail about how we would like to move forward with some important issues before the ACM)

    An important part of living out our faith is gathering together, I depend on our Sunday gatherings and midweek groups as a vital source of nourishment and encouragement, so these next weeks will be a challenge. Through Lent we have been exploring what it means to be dependent upon the Holy Spirit. It is my prayer that during this time, when we cannot support each other in ways we are use to, we will all become more dependent upon God and our own relationships with God will deepen. It is important that we nurture our own personal relationship with Jesus.

    Having said that I am keen that we continue to be church, to travel together, support one another and encourage one another, so we will utilise digital technology as and where we can. If you are a Facebook user can I encourage you to follow us and perhaps for this time choose the 'see first' option. We are also on twitter and instagram. We are likely to post more things there during the week there rather than fill your inboxes but important information will still be communicated via e-mail too.

    Perhaps home groups can work out how you can continue to support one another, try using technology to catch up, read scripture and pray during the week or even go old school and phone each other during the week and pray for one another that way too.

    This Sunday we will post a video on our website to help you to worship, pray and listen to a sermon, drawing on resources that our 'out there'. We will also put up some suggestions of how much engage with your children this weekend. These therefore can be used at a time that suits you best

    I hope to post a few more devotional things through the weeks via social media, to keep us journeying together.

    Next weekend we are looking into doing something more authentically St Paul's online where we can be together there.

    Please can we be aware of the needs of those around us, for those who need supplies but cannot get out easily or are at risk if they go out. Let us be willing to go the extra mile for one another. Likewise if you are in that position please speak out and let us know so we can help.

    On a final note, God is good, God is faithful, let us continue to glorify his name in all that we say, do and think and be the light in the world around us.