Our leadership

  • chaplain -  Dominic Newstead

    Dominic was called to St. Paul’s in March 2020 from the Parish of Little Heath, Potters Bar in the south of England. He will officially join us from July.

    Dominic is both English and French. He and his daughter Abigail moved to Belgium in June 2020, and will be joined shortly by his wife Annie. Their other children (Naomi, Jonathan and Timothy) are in England.

    Dominic studied chemical engineering at Swansea university and theology at Oxford. Initially a trainee stockbroker, he left for the ministry and was ordained in the Diocese of Guildford in 1995.

    Involved in ministry across urban and rural parishes in the UK, he also spent five years as ICS Chaplain to the English Speaking Church of Fontainebleau and INSEAD Business School, and has spent time in Rwanda and Burundi on short term missions.

    Dominic’s interests include sport generally: especially Rugby, rowing American Football, cycling, and skiing. Although he doesn’t practice any at the moment, he has brought the bike with. To relax, he cooks.

  • Nathan Gregoryassistant chaplain

    Nathan has been the Assistant Chaplain at St Paul's since July 2015 when he and his wife Jen moved to Belgium with their three young children. Nathan was ordained in 2011 but has been involved with various forms of Christian ministry and leadership since coming to faith in his early teens. Nathan enjoys sports and coaching football, cooking (and eating) and getting out and seeing the world.

    Contact Nathan: nathan@stpaulstervuren.org

  • church council

    The members of Church Council are: Jon Copner (Treasurer), Gavin Macpherson,  Ann Start (Church Warden), Jean-Francois Sourdoire (Church Warden), Bess Brooks, Miriam Isaacs (Secretary), Christine Adedokun, Ros Lavendar, Jo Woodman, Tom Loef, David Roberts, David Pelchen, Elaine Dunn, Craig Egner, Alex von Franquemont, Patrick Lambert (Lay Minister) Dominic Newstead (Chaplain) and Nathan Gregory (Assistant Chaplain).

our people

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    Helen Williamson


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  • Patrick Lambert

    Licensed lay minister

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  • Ann Start

    church WARDEN

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  • Jean-François Sourdoire

    Church Warden

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    SPLASH* coordinator

    *sunday Children's ministry

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  • miriAM ISAACS


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  • nathan Gregory

    youth ministry

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  • Gavin Macpherson

    Acting safeguarding officer


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  • Sarah-JAne King


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