Our Vision

To be: " A community where people are welcomed to know, equipped to live and sent to proclaim the love of Jesus Christ."


Our values are (in the spirit of Acts chapter 2):

To be: Scriptural, Worshipful, International, Missional, Relational – with me involved (that’s you!) In other words we are a SWIMmeR church! 


Our mission focuses on 5 key areas which we are passionate about.

In Proclaim the Good News - Speaking about Christ

We enjoy worshiping, teaching, preaching, studying, discussing and praying together. We love going deeper into what it means  to be Christ-followers and to know and share the overflow with God's love for the world, as revealed in Scripture and in the person of Jesus.

For Children and Youth - Growing God-connected young people

We care for our children and young people, supporting them to grow in their own walks with Jesus and with one another and we are open to learning from what they have to teach us. We invest in those who are leading our children and young peoples work. Children and youth are full and integral part of the church community.

Here in Belgium - Living in the present (God has called us to be here at this time)

We are continuously discovering and living out our identity as followers of Jesus in our daily lives, whether at work, home, school, clubs and activities... wherever we are, we live in the here and now, spending time with Jesus and loving him by doing as he has commanded. We endeavor by God's grace to be salt and light where he has placed us, as witnesses to the truth, loving our neighbour as ourselves.

For the Wider World - Engaging in & praying for world mission

We are part of God's plan for the transformation of the world. We stand up against injustice and evil. We show love and care for God's creation and all his people, we support the work of mission agencies seeking to bring healing, compassion and peace. We are a community that has gathered from around the world and scatter out again. We want to learn from other Christians around the world and send people out to where God calls us.

Growing Community - Being welcoming

We welcome and celebrate one another as loved  by God and created in his image. We eat together and practice hospitality. We care for and look after one another in the ups and downs of life as members of God's family. We encourage one another in our walk with God and nurture each other's gifts. We create opportunities to enjoy fellowship together and to play a part in church life. We are intentional about inviting others to join our community , to participate in it and hopefully discover the love of Christ in us and through us.

You can download a simple leaflet that explains a little bit more of who we are and we do here