12th-14th October 2018

The weekend away promises to take us out of our usual weekend routines and have some quality church family time in a beautiful setting. Between inspirational worship and teaching sessions, there will be that precious commodity, time. Time to relax and get to know each other better, time to reflect together on the teaching, time to deepen friendships and make new ones.

The weekend away aims to support us in our vision, values and mission, and to refresh and strengthen us as a church family – whether we are young, old, singles, couples, families, all nationalities – us means ALL of us. 

The Programme and costs

The programme, still in the planning stage but will take this shape:

FRIDAY: Arrive at La Foresta (just a 20-minute drive from Tervuren) any time after 5pm. Settle into bedrooms and explore the centre. Dinner together and first teaching and worship session (introductory session 1). Social time in designated lounge/bar room with board games and toy corner for young children. 

SATURDAY: Breakfast, session 2, tea/coffee break, session 3, lunch. Afternoon - choice of activities, tea/coffee break, social time. Dinner, evening family entertainment (games, music, dancing…)

SUNDAY: Breakfast, session 4, tea/coffee, communion, pack up, lunch, leave for home. 

Adults and children will separate for the teaching and worship sessions on Saturday and Sunday, with invited children’s workers to take the children. Friday evening there will be a movie and popcorn.

We would love you to sign up and you can do that as you scroll down this page

Initial sign-up fee, per person of any age above 2 years old is €20

The decision was made to ask for a minimal payment €20 from each participant on the weekend away to confirm their attendance, then to collect the rest of the money required to cover the costs by donations.  

The St Paul’s Inreach/Outreach budget will be covering the cost of the speaker, but as well as accommodation and meals we will have to pay for the use of the conference rooms and materials for the children’s work. The costs incurred per person depend on the number of people sharing each bedroom and in the case of the children, their age.

A breakdown of the costs are below. If you can afford these costs, you should pay them. However, if these costs would prohibit you from joining in the weekend away, we ask you to pay what you can afford. The congregation will be invited to cover any possible shortfall. We trust that God will guide hearts and provide to ensure the weekend is a success. 


To keep the costs to a minimum, everyone will need to bring their own pillowcase, sheet, duvet cover and towels.

We are allowed into our rooms on Friday afternoon (arrival time 5pm or later) and the cost includes the Friday evening meal, Saturday full board and Sunday breakfast and lunch.

For transparency, here is a breakdown of what we expect to be charged (over and above the initial sign-up charge of €20 per person). The website for La Foresta publishes the exact amounts charged for rooms and meals.

For one adult sleeping in a single bedroom, full board €92

For two adults sharing a bedroom, full board €140

For each child age 12-18, full board €50

For each child age 6-11, full board €40

For each child age 2-5 who needs a bed, full board €30

For children who will sleep in a travel cot brought by their parents €0

Adding another €20 to the room and meal cost per person above would cover the additional costs listed below:

For the use of the conference rooms

 €0 provided that we have a minimum of 100 full board paying guests (adults and/or children); if not we will be charged approx €400

For the children’s and youth work We expect to run 3 age groups, so the cost of meals for the invited leaders and materials is likely to reach €650

For photocopying, welcome pack, lounge decoration, workshop materials, Saturday entertainment materials

We are budgeting €650 for these expenses

For the guest speaker costs, as yet unknown This will be covered by the church inreach/outreach budget but donations are welcome.

Please use the above information as a guideline to help you to decide what you can pay.

We do not want anyone to be put off attending because of money. It is our priority that as many members of our church family as possible will participate. Recalling Acts 11:29, we are confident that if each person contributes according to their ability, we’ll meet our budget. 


Join us on the weekend away: For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.

Matthew 18:20

What to look forward to

  • Stuart Mcallister

    Born in Scotland, Stuart McAllister saw his life changed by Christ at the early age of twenty. Filled with a hunger to learn more and deepen his understanding of the faith led him to join Operation Mobilization in 1978. He worked with the organization for twenty years in Vienna, Austria, and his service took him to Yugoslavia, where he was imprisoned for forty days for distributing Christian literature. Upon his release, he continued to work in communist countries, resulting in more imprisonments.

    With a rich history of service, Stuart has acted as general secretary of the European Evangelical Alliance (1992-1998) and been involved with the European Lausanne Committee. He developed a mobilization movement called “Love Europe,” which sent several thousand team members across Europe with the message of the Christian faith. Stuart also founded the European Roundtable, bringing together a diverse group of ministries and interests that collaborated to foster “Hope for Europe.”

    Stuart joined Ravi Zacharias International Ministries in 1998 as the International Director and today serves as Global Support Specialist. With a heavy travel schedule that takes him all over the globe, Stuart speaks in churches, universities, and other forums with the same passion he first knew as a follower of Christ. Stuart has been a lecturer at Alliance Theological Seminary in Nyack, New York, where he was honored with a Doctor of Divinity. Additionally, he has been a featured speaker several times at the European Leadership Forum.

    Stuart is a frequent contributor to A Slice of Infinity, RZIM’s daily reading on issues of apologetics and philosophy, Just Thinking, the ministry’s quarterly journal, as well as Engage, a magazine published quarterly by RZIM Educational Trust. He has also contributed chapters in the books Beyond Opinion (Thomas Nelson, 2007) and Global Missiology for the 21st Century (World Evangelical Fellowship, 2000).

  • children and youth

    We will have a children & youth programme that will run in parallel to Stuart's sessions on the Saturday & Sunday morning. Plus there will be other activites through out the weekend for all to enjoy.

  • Growing Community

    Through out the weekend we will have plenty of time to be together, socialise, deepen relationships and make new ones during through workshops, leisure activities, discussion groups and evening entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions people have been asking which others may be thinking too!

UPDATE: For full list of FAQs from our 2017 Weekend Away please follow this link Frequently Asked Questions and Useful Information

  • Where Will my family sleep?

    We have a mixture of different sized bedrooms available to us. Some families will want their children with them in a room whilst others won't. young children will have to be with parents. Once we have a completed list of those who are coming we will do our best to give each person/family the room(s) they need.

  • Where can we go in 'down' times?

    We have a sitting room with comfy chairs available for the whole weekend where where you can go to chat or take some time out. 

    We will have a full programme for you to engage with but there will be space between activities and sessions. Also during the free time you might wish to sit and chat or continue a conversation from a meal time.

  • What do i need to bring?

    Please click on the image to download our suggested kit list.